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  • How to PRIME prospects - Beat LinkedIn’s weekly connection limit
  • The Seven Steps of Social Selling - Our proven Maverrik Method for social selling on LinkedIn. 
  • Creating a robust sales pipeline with a greater conversion rate - Stop burning contacts with cold pitches and generate interest in each step of the buyers’ journey. 
  • Prospecting techniques you NEED to avoid - Avoid LinkedIn Jail and techniques that will get you banned from the platform. 
  • Content Strategy for inbound leads on LinkedIn - Using the TASTE metric, create content for maximum engagement, interest and enquiries. 

"Fantastic organisation which really helped my team to use LinkedIn much more effectively. As a direct result of the training, our sales & profits have rocketed. Thanks Dean & the team!"

- Kris Parkin (GB)

"Top offering, well explained LinkedIn training and webinars, highly recommended for those new to Social Media and even those well versed, lots to learn always worthwhile, good scheduling to enable attendance"

- Rob Nicholls (US)

Live Training presented by Dean Seddon - Founder of Maverrik

Dean founded Maverrik (then called Maverick) in 2014 as a consultancy and business development company.
Having delivered growth in several small and large businesses, he embarked on building an organisation that would help businesses cut through the fog and grow people, sales and profit.

Dean is a practical, hands-on business speaker and trainer. Supported by the Maverrik team, Dean speaks at over 100 events per year, consults with large and small businesses across the world and is passionate about getting results for people.

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